Chikkaballapur: Bengaluru’s new property hotspot

Bengaluru’s north is experiencing significant growth since the airport moved from HAL to Devanahalli, driving a surge in real estate around Chikkaballapur and attracting many buyers from the city due to promising future returns on investment in the sector. Many Bengalureans now see Chikkaballapur as a promising investment due to its proximity to Bangalore, lower property prices, and appeal to those seeking a quieter environment near the city with good commuting options.

Ramesh B, a software engineer from Bengaluru said, “I was looking for a place where I could build a holiday home for my family and Chikkaballapur seemed perfect as it offers beautiful surroundings and is not too far from Bangalore. The reasonable property prices here also suggest significant future appreciation in value,” he said.

Sanjay Kumar, a realtor, talks about the future growth of Chikkaballapur. “In the past year alone, inquiries from Bengaluru residents about Chikkaballapur plots have surged by 30%.
Rapid local development, including new infrastructure like improved roads and upcoming commercial hubs, is driving this demand. Government initiatives, such as the Peripheral Ring Road and Namma Metro extension to Kempegowda International Airport, are further bolstering investor confidence by enhancing connectivity. These projects will improve Bengaluru-Chikkaballapur connectivity, making it attractive for homebuyers and investors,” he said.

Article Original Source: Bangalore Mirror
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