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At NEW DOOR VENTURES, we know what works. We’ve developed a proven, hands-on approach to management that’s served the community for over 9 years.

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1. Home Care

General Repair Maintenance
Cleaning & Pest Control
Painting & Polishing
MEP Maintenance
Carpentry & Fabrications

3. Legal & Documentation

Rental & Lease Agreements
Notary & Stamps
Local Support
Legal Support

2. Tenant

Marketing & Listing
Finding & Screening
Move-in & Move-Out Placement & Replacement Inspections

4. Payments

Utility Bill Payments
Rent Collections
Tax Payments
Membership & Maintenance


Karnataka has one of the most stringent real estate laws in the country. Protecting your asset(s) is critical and proper knowledge of Karnataka real estate laws is essential.​

At NEW DOOR VENTURES, we make sure that every level of concern is managed with proper documentation and expert knowledge to protect your interests. Call NDV before you take steps with your real estate, personal or investment, to make sure they are the correct steps: Title transfer, estate planning, investing, purchasing, leasing, or selling.

Home Care

1. Home Care

General Repairs & Maintenance

  • Maintenance that is required for re-renting the property is handled by NDV. This includes painting, installation of new flooring, minor plumbing repairs such as leaky faucets, and the replacement of window blinds or screens. There is a cost to a property “turn around”, as these are the items you would be doing at your home if it were vacant. It is the best time to do the major replacement if needed. It is always hoped that your tenant will stay a long time so that these costs are kept to the normal repairs costs of the year. 
  • Occasionally, the replacement of appliances is required such as a stove, Chimney, or Geysers, etc. We will get one bid from our trusted vendors and convey the price to owners for approval. 
  • Large projects such as new roofs, remodeling of a house, or preparing the house to sell, and/or coordination of contractors through an insurance company if it is a claim, an hourly charge will be added to oversee the project.

Cleaning & Pest Controls

  • Clean stove, hood, burner pans, light fixtures, geysers
  • Wash blinds and gets rid of dust
  • Replace caulking
  • Clean carpeting
  • Sparkling windows
  • Fresh clean cabinet fronts and interiors
  • Clean drawers
  • Empty closets
  • Yearly maintenance
  • Detail property survey, if requested
  • Pest and Rodents control

Painting & Polishing

Fresh Painting, Repainting, Scrubbing, Buffering, and polishing for walls, roof, flooring, doors, windows, and furniture, etc.

MEP Works

  • Mechanical repairs and remodeling
  • Electrical fitting works and Repairs
  • Plumbing fittings and leakage repairs

Carpentry & Fabrications

NDV take cares of  kinds of woodworks and metal fabrications for doors, windows, partitions, and cupboards


Interior Designing Modifying and Re-modelling the internal structure

Tenant Management

2. Tenant Management


  • Marketing is the key to successful sales and rentals. NEW DOOR VENTURES provides a market analysis for each property either for sale or property management. With access to multiple listing services and References, we have access to data to assist in creating a marketing plan, analysis and other research to maximize your investment.
  • Our goal is to sell or lease your property as quickly as possible. Rental property is listed as soon as property data is collected.
  • Our highly visible NDV signs are placed at the property.
  • We make it easy to find your rental or for sale property 24 hours a day. We list with pictures and detailed information.
  • Our goal is to market your property quickly and we update our listings daily.
  • Our listings are transferred to multiple website search engines, and this continues to grow, giving your property the maximum market exposure.
  • We can arrange and place advertising in the local paper if desired. However, we find internet visibility to be very effective

Finding & Screening

If you are a “hands-on” investment owner and wish to manage your own property, NDV has a program for you. NDV has the expertise to show, screen, and place the tenant. We are able to show the property quickly and comply fully with Karnataka state Housing Laws.

  • We Inspect the property and recommend maintenance.
  • Show your unit(s).
  • Creatively advertise your unit through the MLS and connected network.
  • Thoroughly verify and screen the applicant.
  • Collect the first month’s rent and security deposit.
  • Execute a lease/rental agreement with Stamping, Notary, and Registration.

Tenant Placements

  • We process a complete report on each applicant. This report supplies us with the creditworthiness of the applicant.
  • The report verifies their employment, job profile, unlawful detainers, rental history.
  • This detailed report helps NDV find the best-qualified resident for your property.
  • Move-in & Move-Out
  • NDV does an inspection of properties that we manage before the tenant moves in.
  • When the tenant takes occupancy, they are given a move-in inspection form to complete also.
  • It is suggested that they also take pictures. When the tenant vacated, a move-out inspection is done. The condition reports are then compared. 
  • If the unit is a tenant fill only, the Owner is to document the condition with pictures and written description, as the property manager will.
  • Remember, you must comply with all state laws regarding the security deposit refund.


  • NDV can order any inspection you wish on the property from the roof, termite, and whole-house inspections. 
  • NDV does have seasonally maintenance inspections for safety on fireplaces and furnaces. Cleaning is also a standard item. 
  • We suggest you have a “Pest inspection” performed at least every one year to check for dry rot, leaks under the house or in the attic, and for infestations but you must request these additional inspections. 


A benefit offered to NDV managed properties as our way of proving that we pick good residents and that we will back that claim up with protection for you. Evictions normally cost in excess. Ask our NDV property manager about this option. 

Legal & Documentation

3. Legal & Documentation

Rental & Lease Agreements

NDV will draft the tenancy agreement. Make sure to study the terms and conditions thoroughly. Check the penalties for breaking the lease early? Will the tenants will paint the property, bare repair expenses, clean & pest control after move-out? Advice on points that are important to you.

Notary & Stamps

NDV takes care of Filing stamps and gets it notarized by Lawyers


Any Certification for foreign nationals, other individuals or pets, etc.

Local Support

NDV ensures you get local Public Utility support for subscriptions, transfers, and disconnections such as BBMP, BESCOM, LPG, BWSSB, and more.


NDV assists in registering the contract whether it is a tenancy agreement or a sale deed.
Ownership transfers, EC, Khata, and More

Legal Support

Any Legal support from the local Police station and local Advocates.


4. Payments

Utility Bill Payments

Electricity, LPG, BWSSB, and other utility payments and bills.

Rent Collections

Rent collections will be handled smoothly by NEW DOOR VENTURES on the beginning of the month or following of the month as agreed upon the tenancy agreement

Tax Payments

All the Property Tax filing and CESS payments will be evaluated and assisted by NDV


Fund transactions between tenants, owners, and society will be followed by NDV.

Membership & Maintenance

Society maintenance and membership payments will be collected and paid to the society associations.
Use a Professional Accounting system to transfer funds to you.