North Bengaluru set for economic takeoff with Aerospace Park

North Bengaluru will see further growth as the State Government plans to ramp up infrastructure around Aerospace Park. Large and Medium Industries Minister MB Patil said that Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board’s Aerospace and Defence park located near the Kempegowda International Airport will see big growth as steps are taken to ensure quality approach roads to the venue. Priority would be given to set up quality schools, hotels and better lodging facilities in the surrounding areas.

Patil said, “Measures were being taken to put the aerospace and defence sector on a profit track, it is necessary to extend the push for the indigenisation of Maintenance, Repairs and Overhaul (MRO) processes. Our department would coordinate with the Labour Department to facilitate better dormitories for Diploma and ITI professionals working for Aerospace and defence companies. The opportunities in the sector are expected to increase massively as there will be an inclusion of around 1,000 civilian flights in the next 10-15 years.”

Meanwhile, realtors say that the emergence of an Aerospace Park near Devanahalli is poised to be a transformative force for realty development in the burgeoning region of Bengaluru North.

“This strategic move follows the notable shift of the airport from HAL to Devanahalli, which has already proven to be a catalyst for significant growth in the area. The upcoming Aerospace Park is anticipated to amplify this momentum by generating new employment opportunities and fostering a meticulously planned expansion of real estate. The relocation of the airport to Devanahalli marked a pivotal moment in the development trajectory of Bengaluru North. With improved connectivity and infrastructure, the region experienced a surge in economic activities and real estate demand. The Aerospace Park, nestled in proximity to the airport, is set to play a pivotal role in further propelling the area into a hub of innovation and technological advancement”, said V Devendrappa, a realtor.

One of the key drivers for realty development is the job creation potential that Aerospace Park brings to the table. “The aerospace and aviation industry is known for its highly skilled workforce requirements, ranging from engineers and technicians to administrative professionals. As the park becomes operational, it is poised to attract a pool of talent, thereby increasing the demand for residential and commercial spaces in the vicinity. This influx of professionals will not only fuel the housing market but also stimulate the growth of supporting amenities and services. Moreover, the Aerospace Park is a testament to Bengaluru’s commitment to fostering innovation and research in cutting-edge technologies,” said Damodar Raju, another realtor.

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